Paid traffic campaigns in Google Ads

We create traffic campaigns on the largest search platform on the internet, Google.

With multiple channels and tools, you have the ability to appear in multiple locations and devices, to ensure that your business is found by those looking for what you offer.

Discover how good paid traffic management with Google Ads boosts your company's results.


Expand your brand's digital presence



Show up when they're looking for you


Re-advertise to those who are interested


Increase your company's revenue

google ads

Search Network

Stand out in the search tool most used daily by millions. Outperform your competitors and appear in the first results.

Google My Business

Strengthen your credibility by displaying crucial information about your business in search results: address, contact, prices, images and customer reviews.

Display network

Expand your reach with visual ads in different formats: on websites, apps, and even on YouTube and Gmail, winning over your audience.

Google Analytics

Collect essential data from your website visitors to develop business strategies and also optimize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Google Shopping

Your product is displayed to interested buyers, allowing price comparisons and advantages with competitors, directing informed choices.


Grab your customers' attention with video campaigns that run before, during, and after the videos they're watching on YouTube, maximizing your reach.

Pay only for results

No clicks, no charges!

Google will only charge for ads when the public interacts with them.

This makes it easier to control your budget, which can be defined based on daily, weekly or monthly spending.


Profitable investment

By investing in Google Ads, you appear at the top of searches, guaranteeing visibility and qualified clicks.

Turn visitors into customers, increase your revenue, expand your consumer base and add more value to your company.

Real results Satisfied customers

An effective campaign depends on good planning, taking into account the audience to be reached, and what objective we want to achieve with this audience. Therefore, it is essential to work together with the client to understand the most important information and characteristics of your business to be announced.

Creative process website creation step 1
Seychelles (3 months)
  • 1.27M impressions
  • 42 Thousand Clicks
  • 806 conversions
Creative process website creation step 2
Marfic (5 months)
  • 33 thousand impressions
  • 2 thousand clicks
  • 107 Forms
Creative process website creation step 3
Solar Imóveis (3 months)
  • 23 thousand impressions
  • 3 thousand clicks
  • 15 Conversions
Creative process website creation step 4
Quatro Ilhas Beach Hostel (6 months)
  • 7.5 thousand impressions
  • 908 clicks
  • 384 contacts
Amanda Brandel | Beauty clinic
Amopasoka | E-commerce
Marfic: Data from just 5 months of investment in Google Ads.
Marfic | Digital Intelligence

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Specialized in WordPress, we create websites and sales pages using the latest technologies on the market. Our solutions guarantee a 100% website that is customizable, fast, secure and ready to receive paid traffic.

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Santa Cata | Beachwear
Thuner | Performance and Technology
You and Me | Wedding & Travel
Rocco Imob | Real estate