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Website creation in Balneário Camboriú

Put your brand in the digital spotlight with the development of professional websites that boost your business in Balneário Camboriú.

Our websites have reached more than 1 million potential customers, serving a variety of business segments.

Discover how our professional websites can make a difference to the growth of your business in Balneário Camboriú.

Why invest in a professional website?

Boost the growth of your company in Balneário Camboriú with the development of a professional website.

Position your company digitally

Appear on Google

Run paid traffic campaigns

Create authority in the market

Discover our creative process

Intended exclusively for your business in Balneário Camboriú, we know that each company has a unique way of communicating. Our commitment is to ensure the consistency of identity elements on each website developed, integrating them perfectly with your brand.

Through a collaborative creative process, we work in close partnership with you to ensure that all of your company's capabilities, objectives and aspirations are met at every stage of development. Schedule a face-to-face meeting in Balneário Camboriú right now and together we will create a website that conveys the essence of your brand in an exceptional way.

Creative process website creation step 1
Objectives with the website

In collaboration with our clients, we seek to understand the main objective of the website. Whether to boost sales, capture leads, strengthen the brand, present the company or create paid traffic campaigns, this definition is the starting point for structuring the development of the project.

Creative process website creation step 2
Briefing and data collection

Through a form, we collect essential information about your business to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company and its distinctive characteristics. This approach gives us a clear vision of the message we need to convey through the website.

Creative process website creation step 3
Meeting with the client

We hold a meeting, either via virtual call or in person in Balneário Camboriú, SC, to align our design ideas and project structure together with the client. During this session, we promote active collaboration, sharing design references, colors, fonts and ideas, to collaboratively define the structure of the project.

Creative process website creation step 4
Initial Website Prototype

We developed an initial prototype of the project, taking into account all the information previously collected. At this stage, we apply the website design, incorporating the sections, content and pages that will be part of it.

Creative process website creation step 5
Approval with the client

We share the developed prototype with the client and, based on their feedback, we make the improvements discussed during the meeting, ensuring that the website fully meets their expectations and needs.

Creative process website creation step 6
Website implementation

After completing the necessary adjustments, we proceed to the final phase of development. At this stage, we implement all the work in the website environment, carry out rigorous tests and validations, closely monitoring the finalization process to ensure that it meets our high quality standards.

Website creation

Balneário Camboriú

Highlight your presence in Balneário Camboriú with a professional website developed by Marfic, our team will create an exclusive, responsive website that will take your business to the top of Google.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting in Balneário Camboriú right now and let's create your website!

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Balneário Camboriú Websites

Design and exclusivity

Let's collaborate to create an exclusive and personalized design for your company in Balneário Camboriú, reflecting your visual identity in a unique way.

Our expert team will understand your values, goals and personality, resulting in an impactful design that conveys your message effectively.

Amanda Brandel | Beauty clinic
Amopasoka | E-commerce
Dream House | Aesthetics
Kali By Kali | E-commerce
Jacson Brandel | Aesthetics
Mariana Pinheiro | Psychologist
On Multiagency |Advertising and propaganda

Key Features

What makes our websites top-notch?

Website SEO

Reach the top positions on Google! SEO experts, we know how to get there!

Website responsiveness

Website adaptable to all screen sizes: desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Website protection

Secure website and live for years, we protect your system against intrusions and attacks.

Paid traffic
Paid traffic

Website with all conversion goals for your paid traffic campaigns.

website loading speed

Take off at pagespeed, we optimize your website to achieve the best performance.

websites created in wordpress
Cutting-edge technology

CMS in WordPress, consolidated technology and used in more than 47% of all websites.

Marfic | Digital Intelligence

Work with experts in the area

Specialized in WordPress, we create websites and sales pages using the latest technologies on the market. Our solutions guarantee a 100% website that is customizable, fast, secure and ready to receive paid traffic.

Websites delivered


Traffic Customers

Invested in ads
aura matra customer logo
client logo amanda brandel
logo client rm consultancy
logo customer on
kali by kali client logo
jacson brandel client logo
Santa Cata | Beachwear
Thuner | Performance and Technology
You and Me | Wedding & Travel
Rocco Imob | Real estate


Frequently Asked Questions Website Creation
in Balneário Camboriú
Will I be able to make changes to my website?

For sure! You will have full control over your website's administrative panel, allowing you to make changes whenever necessary. In addition, we offer a series of detailed training courses, in which you will learn step by step how to make the desired changes in an easy and intuitive way. We're here to ensure you feel confident managing your website.

If I don't like something, can I ask for changes?

Before we officially launch the site, you will have the opportunity to review a preview of the website. This will allow you to carefully review the layout and content, and provide us with feedback on any changes you may wish to make. At this stage of the project, we are committed to adjusting the website according to the client's specific preferences and tastes. Your satisfaction is a priority for us, and we will do our best to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.

Does the site work for cell phones and tablets?

Certainly! Our commitment is to ensure that our websites are fully responsive, that is, they adapt perfectly to all screen sizes. This way, users will enjoy an exceptional experience regardless of the device they are using, be it a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. We value usability and accessibility, making navigation fluid and intuitive on any platform.

Is there a monthly cost to maintain my website?

The need for monthly support to make changes to the website's content may vary depending on the type of contract. We offer the option of a monthly support package for those who wish to make frequent changes, but it is important to note that this option is not mandatory. If you don't need constant changes or prefer to make changes yourself, there is no need to hire monthly support.

However, it is important to consider other associated costs, such as domain registration or renewal and hosting costs. These costs may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. We are available to answer any additional questions you may have and help you choose the best option for your business.

Is the website hosting server free?

Hosting your website is an additional service that requires monthly subscription to ensure your continuous online presence. At Marfic, we offer our own hosting services, but it is important to note that hosting is a separate contract. You have complete freedom to choose the hosting provider you prefer and can change it at any time. It is worth highlighting that the content of the website is the exclusive property of the client, guaranteeing total control over their information and guaranteeing their privacy.

On which platform is the website developed?

Choosing the right technology is essential to the success of your web project. At Marfic, we opted for WordPress in most of our projects. It is a renowned and robust open source CMS, which is currently responsible for boosting more than 43% of all websites on the internet. Its wide adoption and active community make it WordPress a reliable and solid choice for web development. With this powerful platform, we can create personalized, functional websites that meet your specific needs.

If you want to understand a little more about WordPress, visit our article: What is WordPress and what is it for? How to create a website with it?

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