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What is a website and what do I need to create one? Create your website

by | 8/02/2023 | Website Creation, Web development, accommodation, Marketing, Web site

If you frequently browse the internet and use it in your daily life, I imagine you have already wondered how websites are created and what exactly they are and do within the digital world. 

Maybe you even Googled your question and found countless websites teaching you how to create websites, but did you really understand the concept, usefulness and scope of this tool?

For this matter to become clear once and for all, we need to “start from the beginning”. 

Let's go?!

What you will see:

– What are websites?
– Types of websites
– What are domains and what are they for?
– What is website hosting?
– Good practices that every website should have
– The impact that a website generates for your business
– How websites are essential for paid traffic campaigns

What are websites?

The word “site”, in its literal sense, means “place”. Therefore, a website is a place in the middle of the immensity of the internet. 

These places bring together sets of specific information and can have different objectives, being presented in different ways, such as texts, videos, images and others. 

Website types

There are several types of websites, each with its own objective and format. How about meeting some of them?


Blogs, for example, are generally used as a way to share ideas and thoughts. You can write and post whatever you want, use your imagination and share it online so that many people can read and have access to your content.
See an example of a Coletivo Lírico blog>

Virtual stores/e-commerce

Online stores function as a sales catalog for your company or business. There, you display your products and your customers can buy completely online.
See an example of the Kali By Kali online store >

Sales pages/Landing Page

Sales pages, commonly called Landing Pages, are websites whose main objective is to sell a product or service. They differ from virtual/ecommerce stores in that they do not necessarily put their product on sale, as if on a shelf, but will always have the ultimate objective of converting and attracting customers for subsequent sale.
See an example of a sales page from our E-book on paid traffic>

Course platform

Course platforms are websites focused on educational content on the web. They function as a virtual educational institution and can offer different options and types of courses completely online.

Hotmart is a great example of a course platform >

Real Estate Website

Real estate websites work in a similar way to virtual/ecommerce stores and landing pages, as they aim to sell a product or service, but they function more like a catalog of the products offered, since the sale, in general, does not materialize in a online.
See an example of a Roccoimob real estate website >

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website aims to showcase your work so people know a little more about you. It works as a showcase, giving greater visibility to what you do, and also as a CV, as it allows interested parties to get to know a little more about you and your work or service before hiring you.

News Website

News sites' main objective is to provide information. They are like printed newspapers, but completely online.

One page website

A website using the on page model, as the name suggests, is a website developed with just one page containing all the necessary information in an optimized way for a better understanding of whoever accesses it, without the need for more complex programming, with the main objective being stay present digitally in a simple and effective way.
See an example of a one page website > 

As we have just seen, so-called websites can have different functionalities and are extremely important for creating a digital presence on the internet, as they overcome geographical barriers, allowing, literally, the whole world to know and have access to what you want to share.

So, we have been able to understand so far that a website is a place on the internet that brings together some information and data on a certain subject. Right?

But what would be the point of this place existing if we couldn't get to it?

And that's exactly what domains are for.

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What are domains and what are they for?

Domains are website addresses. It's how we find and access these places. They are what lead us to them. For example, our domain is marfic.com.br. Anyone who has access to the internet and enters this address into their browser will reach us.

This is how people will find your website, so your domain name must be clear and have a connection to you or your company. Also, it is important that it is easy to remember so that people do not easily forget it.

Why should I register my domain?

Furthermore, you need to register the chosen domain, so that it is only available for your website. Otherwise, when searching for a single address, countless websites would open, creating enormous confusion. 

Domain registration guarantees the exclusivity of that address, so if you have a good idea… you better register it soon!

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What is website hosting?

I imagine that at this point you must be asking yourself: “Okay, but how do you create all this? That’s why I came here!” Oh! This is quite simple (but not that simple). To have a website, in addition to needing to have a domain, you will also need a hosting server, which is nothing more than a computer that stores your file data.

Every time someone accesses your website they make a request for these files, where the hosting server is responsible for sending this data to the end user.

Hosting is very important for your website and directly impacts the loading speed of your website, in addition, it has to meet the demand of users accessing your website, so it is very important to choose the right hosting for your business.

Types of website hosting:

This hosting can be done in different ways:

– Shared hosting;

– VPS (Virtual Private Server);

– Cloud Website Hosting;

- Accommodation WordPress;

– Dedicated hosting server. 

There are several factors that can influence this choice, such as SSL certificates, email services, website creator, backup and customer support. But that's a topic for another time.

So, after you have registered the domain so that your website can be found and hired a hosting service to insert it, you need to build it. In other words, define the theme you will use, create the identity of your website, decide which tools will be suitable for the objective you have (chat, comments, action buttons), among others.

And just like that, we will have a brand new website!

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Good practices that every website should have

Well, now that we know how a website is created, let's analyze some essential requirements for it to fulfill its role effectively and usefully within the digital world.

Mobile friendly

A mobile friendly website allows users to navigate better on mobile devices. These are settings that ensure that the website is also well navigable on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets.


Good navigability is very important for any type of website, as it is through this that the user will find what they want quickly and efficiently. It can be described by menus that direct you to specific subjects or by classified information in order to find the desired content more easily.

Original content

A website that shares original and relevant content for the audience it wants to reach has a great difference in the digital world. In the era where “nothing is created, everything is copied”, creating authentic and non-standard content certainly brings better visibility and authority to your website.

Charging speed

Loading speed refers to the time it takes for the website to open all its components through the click of the person accessing it. This is an extremely important point, as faster pages provide a better user experience and, consequently, are better delivered by Google searches. Ideally, it should not exceed 3 seconds.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, in its literal sense, search engine optimization and refers to a set of techniques used with the aim of creating a good positioning for your website on search engines, such as Google. In short, they are organic resources that enable your website to be the first to appear to the user when searched.


And last but not least, we cannot forget to talk about website security. This security concerns methods and resources that protect the website against intruders who may try to access, alter or steal the content of your online page. Furthermore, it aims to protect the privacy and personal data of its users, thus making browsing much more reliable and secure.

The impact a website generates for your business

If you've followed me this far, you've probably already understood the importance of a website for your business, but let's talk a little more about it so that you don't have any doubts.

Websites, as well as social networks, are very important for having a good digital presence on the internet. They work in different ways and can adapt to the type of product or service you offer in a very useful and practical way.

Having a well-structured website with a good presentation consolidates your brand in the market, generating authority within the field in which you operate and thus creating greater trust between your customers and your company.

Furthermore, it expands your business unlimitedly, as being online means being practically everywhere, not just limited to your current geographic space.

Certainly, an important and indispensable point for the success of any current company or business.

How websites are essential for paid traffic campaigns

In addition to ensuring a good digital presence and greater visibility for your company organically, websites are also extremely important for marketing campaigns. paid traffic within the world of the internet.

Through them, we are able to access various functionalities, such as number analysis and also tracking leads (interested people).

We were able, for example, to analyze what type of audience accessed the website, how long they spent on it, which articles were most accessed, etc.

With this information, we gather data and direct paid traffic campaigns much more effectively, as we will know who the interested audience is and what their main interests are.

Understand what paid traffic is and how it has the power to boost your business>


The uses and features of websites are endless and can be determining factors in the growth and success of your company. Follow our content and stay up to date with this digital world that is literally one click away from you.

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